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Appointments and talking to attorneys:

-The majority of The Attorney’s day is spent in court addressing the needs of clients.  If you desire to retain the office or speak with the Attorney it will be necessary for you to schedule an appointment.  Legal Assistants may be able to answer some questions; however, any question that cannot be answered by them will require an appointment with an Attorney.

Where is the office located?

The office is located at 3219 Landmark Street, Unit 8.  Across the street from the Wal-Mart Store located on Greenville Blvd.


-Fees vary depending on the type of case.  To determine the fee for your matter, schedule an appointment with an Attorney.  At the appointment bring in all the documentation you have to enable the attorney to full assess your matter.

Do I need to have a lawyer present to represent me?

The Short answer is No.  The judicial system is very complicated and unless you are extremely knowledgeable in the workings of the system it is advisable to seek the assistance of an attorney.  The Clemons Law Firm has often times had to fix mistakes made by individuals seeking to “save money” by handling their matters themselves.  Do it right the first time and consider hiring an attorney for your matter.

When is my court date?

The office will contact you in regards to your court date when the office is retained.  It is your responsibility to remember this date.  However, many court dates can be found on the administrative offices of the courts website at



What time does court start?

The Courtroom typically opens at 8:30am.  Court officially starts at differing times.  It is your responsibility to be in court on time.

What if I am going to be late for court or cannot make it to court?

Again, it is your responsibility to be court on time.  If you are sick or hurt please contact the office and provide as much documentation as possible detailing the reason for your delay or absence.

Do I have to appear in court?

Yes, unless told otherwise by an Attorney.

I was charged with a speeding ticket. Will it be dismissed if I hire your office?

Maybe.  The results that will be obtained from our representation depend on a variety of factors:  What were you charged with, what county where you charged in, what is your driving record, and many more.  The Attorney’s at The Clemons Law Firm will review your driving record and explain to you the options that are available to give you the best result possible.

What is a PJC and do I need one?

A PJC is a Prayer for Judgment Continued.  You are asking the judge to sentence you at a different time.  A PJC can be a very helpful if needed; however, if used improperly it can be very detrimental.

What will be the insurance impact because of my ticket?

An Attorney will review your driving record to help you get the least insurance impact possible.

I have a Commercial Driver’s License, will this impact my license?

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License the court system as well as the DMV will hold you to a higher standard when it comes to traffic violations.  The Clemons Law Firm will do everything possible to guide you in a manner to reduce this impact.

How many NC DMV points for moving violations?